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Review: The Weight of Silence

A troubled family focuses on their non-verbal child, she spoke once then grew mute, yet they find no answers to unlock her voice. The book builds as they search for answers, then ratches up until a gun goes off and one of the family is dead. This debut novel by New York Times bestselling author Heather Gudenkauf , is cast with characters that are both good and bad, sober and drunk, overflowing with youthful joy that spins into fear, adults with disappointments and regrets, and a longing that threatens to cross boundaries. Their intertwining histories make it impossible for them to live separate lives, yet the criss-cross of their paths saves one, kills one, and may bring a love once lost back. I heard Gudenkauf speak at the Tucson Festival of Book and have had this on my list for some time. Finally jump started my reading and this one was a good place to start..  This is a quick read and the building tension keeps you from putting the book down until the end. Recommend! Source : Li