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Review: There There by Tommy Orange

If you've ever wondered why sports teams that have (had) Indians as mascots is offensive, read the prologue of There There by Tommy Orange. I discovered Tommy Orange at Portland, Oregon's Book Fest in an appearance he did with Trevino Brings Plenty. Their event was recorded by Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) and is found on their website here: Portland Book Festival | Tommy Orange | Trevino Brings Plenty This book presents a diverse cast of characters with one thing in common: struggle. Deftly written, propels the reader to the ending. Source: Purchase You may also enjoy,  How I got here and why it matters by Carol Doane .

Review: Knowing Your Value by Mika Brzezinski

I started to read this book but didn’t finish before my library loan expired. Later, during the library’s Bookapoolza Sale, where they sell hardbacks for a dollar and paperbacks for 50 cents, I snagged the hardback published in 2010. I was looking for answers, for help. It is demoralizing to be in a work environment where younger versions of yourself walk in the door with no experience and command a higher base (I’m in sales) than you. To live that is a poison you to your self-worth and to continue to take it is not what I want to model for my daughter. Pay inequity pushes good people to a breaking point, either it breaks them, or they break out of here. She details working women who feel lucky, grateful, willing to apologize at the drop of a hat, and more than ready to work hard to be deemed valuable. Yet value is the unreachable brass ring. And that striving creates a destructive cycle of labor for which there is no end. Brzezinski holds herself accountable for most of the